Day Dreamer... cocktail glass


Day Dreamer... Cocktail Glass.

They say a dream without a plan is a wish. But also a dream without a cocktail is just plain boring. So simply add booze, ice, a slice of lemon and an umbrella and you'll be living the dream just like that!

Our Day Dreamer cocktail glass is perfect for weekend cocktailing on the back porch. Whether its something fancy and sophisticated like a Sazerac or a classic margarita, this glass has you covered. Our Day Dreamer Cocktail glass features an amazing, hand-applied amber luster finish with gold metallic ink.

**The ink in this cocktail glass contains metal so microwaves are a big no-no! Not that anyone would be microwaving a cocktail...

Cocktail glass size: 11oz

This classy cocktail glass ships from the Sunshine Day studio in Whitefish, Montana

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