Jetsetter... cocktail glass


Jetsetter... Cocktail Glass.

Even world travelers have to be home at some point. In between your junkets to far-flung locales, sip your evening cocktail from our famous Jetsetter Cocktail glass. It'll make you happy. A little extra booze, of course, will help a bit too.

The Jetsetter cocktail glass is the perfect glass for weekend cocktailing on the back porch. Whether its something fancy and sophisticated like a Sazerac or a classic margarita, this glass has you covered. Our Jetsetter Cocktail glass features an amazing, hand-applied amber luster finish with gold metallic ink.

**The ink in this cocktail glass contains metal so microwaves are a big no-no! Not that anyone would be microwaving a cocktail...

Jetsetter Cocktail Glass Size: 11oz

The Jetsetter cocktail glass ships from the Sunshine Day studio in Whitefish, Montana

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