She's a Rainbow... Cocktail Glass


She's a Rainbow, That One... Cocktail Glass

Some people just have that certain je ne sais quoi. Maybe she was born with, maybe it's Maybelline. Who knows. Either way, she's a rainbow, that one so this classy and cute luster cocktail glass needs to be in her hands! This is a perfect gift idea if you want to let someone know they are truly unique.

Our She's a Rainbow glass is great for weekend cocktailing on the back porch or anywhere else. Whether the cocktail is something fancy and sophisticated like a Sazerac or a classic margarita, this glass has you covered. Our She's a Rainbow Cocktail glass features an amazing, hand-applied lilac luster finish with blue ink.

Cocktail glass size: 11oz

This classy cocktail glass ships from our studio in Whitefish, Montana.

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